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Caprese BLT

June 29, 2010

Do you know what the end of June means?

The beginning of July. Heh heh heh.

I’ll be here all week, folks!

{Ahem} No, no … all joking aside: July brings fresh tomatoes. Lots of ’em. SoupAddict likey. SoupAddict lovey. SoupAddict is all about the summer tomato.

Back when the world young and SoupAddict was merely SoupInclined, her older brothers maintained a large garden. And from that garden came the most amazing tomatoes that SoupAddict has ever had in her life. That garden was the seed, so to speak, of her obsession with heirloom tomatoes.

These days, SoupAddict grows so many tomatoes that she can’t possibly even collect them all off of their branches, much less use them all up. Last year, by the time October rolled around, SoupAddict was so buried in tomatoes that she was even tiring of her beloved Insalata Caprese (which is a nearly blasphemous admission). So this year, June meant oh-em-gee-tomato-season-is-coming-and-I-need-to-invent-some-new-tomato-recipes-before-July.

But now here it is. June 30th. And I have—break out your counting fingers, peeps—one. Just one. But it’s a good one. When you’re that productive {*cough*}, you have make each one count.

Happily, the One was a no-brainer. SoupAddict spent the winter pining for her insalata caprese, cursing the memory of every bored feeling she had had the previous October.
So even though it’s still only June, and these are supermarket grape tomatoes, SoupAddict really needs a Caprese salad fix. But with a little twist. A funky twist. Stay tuned, and you’ll see.
Along with summer tomatoes, SoupAddict loves fresh basil. So much so that SoupAddict has an entire garden of nothing but basils. Dozens and dozens of them. This pretty Red Rubin is practically singing “Caprese Salad.” Can you hear that? Lean in close. [AAAHHHHHHHHH]  It’s sweet.
When it comes to Caprese salads, are you an evoo-only person, or a balsamic vinegar person? SoupAddict is definitely a balsamic person. This marinade needs to be sweet and tangy to compliment the salty goodness of the “B” you might have noticed in the title of this post.
Place halved tomatoes in a baking dish. Drizzle the marinade over them. Sprinkle with salt and lovely strips of basil chiffonade.
SoupAddict cannot get enough of fresh mozzarella, and Caprese salad wouldn’t be so addictive without it. Make sure it’s soft and fresh. Squoosh it up with your fingers and place it back in the fridge.
“Uh, whatcha doin’ there, SoupAddict, with those precious cherry tomatoes?”

Roasting tomatoes in their balsamic marinade makes them sweet and juicy and oh-so-flavorful. Roasted tomatoes come with an extra dose of healthy lycopene. No extra charge to you, my peeps.

Now comes the fun part. SoupAddict love sandwiches. Do you?

SoupAddict loves sandwiches, and SoupAddict loves Insalata Caprese. So she puts the two together. It’s the right thing to do.

Spread some mayo on a slice of luscious multigrain bread. Add bacon strips and shredded lettuce. Spoon the sweet, rich tomatoes over the lettuce. Top with mozzarella and another bread slice.

A Caprese sandwich. Oh, yes. Yes, indeedy. SoupAddict likey. SoupAddict lovey.

Caprese BLT
2 cups cherry tomatoes
salt, to taste
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/2 tablespoon sugar
4-5 leaves fresh basil, chiffonade
6 oz fresh mozzarella, crumbled
8 strips bacon (or turkey bacon or fake bacon), fried per package instructions
4 large leaves of romaine lettuce, sliced into short, narrow strips.
2 tablespoons mayo, divided
8 slices hearty bread, multigrain or whole wheat, toasted

Preheat oven to 350°.

Slice cherry tomatoes in half and arrange, cut side up, in a large baking dish. Sprinkle with salt.

Whisk oil, vinegar and sugar in a medium bowl until well blended. Pour over tomatoes. Top with basil. Bake for about 45 minutes, or until tomatoes are nice and wrinkly.

Towards the end of baking time, toast the bread and spread each slice, on one side, with a light layer of mayo.

Place two strips of bacon on four of the slices of bread. Divide the lettuce strips evenly over the bacon strips.

When the tomatoes are finished roasting, divide them evenly over the four slices of bread with the lettuce strips, using a slotted spoon. Top with mozzarella cheese, and salt and pepper to taste.

Top each of the sandwiches with the remaining bread slices (mayo side down, of course!), and enjoy.

  1. Susan permalink
    June 30, 2010 11:40 am

    Love your writing… what time’s lunch?

  2. June 30, 2010 11:49 am

    Yum! I agree summer time tomatoes are supreme

  3. Phyllis Ryan permalink
    June 30, 2010 4:03 pm

    Just checked my black cherry tomatoes and they are beginning to ripen. Not enough for the sandwich, I’ll buy those. But just enough for ME.

  4. MaryJane permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:26 am

    Booo hooo hoooo, no garden for me this year, but 2 new farm stands in town so I’ll be making this over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. July 8, 2010 6:21 pm

    I am soooo into the concept of caprese sandwiches. Take my all time hands down favorite salad and add bread! I’m so excited!!!

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