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How does our garden grow …

July 21, 2009

The Garden of Eatin’ is a community garden, hosted by the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. Check out our summer bounty (and with a little more July heat, we’ll be positively cornucopia’d).

From humble beginnings in early Spring . . . .
Garden of Eatin' Spring 2009
. . . comes abundance, beauty and yummy goodness.
Baby watermelons in the Children's Garden A white onion shoulders its way out of the ground.
Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes A gorgeous truss of cherry tomatoes
Beautifully colored young silk on an emerging ear of corn Almost ready ... crunchy sweet goodness
A baby eggplant emerges, all purple and beautiful Cheery bright Swiss Chard
Broccoli floret, just starting out Now *that* is a head of broccoli!
It's one of the things I love about nature - no matter how hard you try to fence it in, its first reaction is to break free (like this butternut squash) Heavenly-scented sweet basil
The cutest watering can ever. The Garden of Eatin'

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