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Aebleskivers, revisited with blueberries

December 18, 2008

aebleskiver0_121608Don’t you just love a dish that’s both fun to make and delicious? Some are one or the other, and they have their place. But the ones that are both should be made often with (or at least for đŸ™‚ ) the people you love.

Stuffed pancakes – a.k.a. aebleskiver – are a nifty twist on a favorite. These little nuggets are practically finger-food and beg for clever fillings and variations (apple butter, cream cheese, chocolate chips, raspberry jam, chocolate ganache … don’t get me started).

I’ve posted about aebleskiver before, but at the time, I didn’t have my tripod handy, so I wasn’t able to capture the flipping technique. Plus, I knew I was going to make them with blueberries, and blueberries are just little camera hams, ready to be photographed in all their itty bitty, bluey cuteness. (And is there anything more delectable than blueberries oozing out of something – anything – sweet? Pie … scones … muffins … pancakes … it’s all good.)

Since we’re far away from blueberry season, I used frozen wild blueberries from the grocery (wild blueberries are the little ones – I think they’re sweeter than the larger frozen blueberries). I let them thaw, but you can microwave them for short bursts. Sometimes I add bottled blueberry syrup, but this time, I didn’t have any on hand. I always add a splash of Grand Marnier. Cointreau would do as well. (If you’re making this for the kiddies, you can substitute a squeeze of lemon juice. Not quite the same, but it beats the young’uns running around all tipsy and such.)

I also recently posted about my new favorite measuring cups. I had made the off-handed comment that their sturdy stainless steel construction would make them suitable for melting butter on the stove. This dish was my chance to try out my theory: it worked beautifully. I need two batches of melted butter, so I put two of the cups on a burner set on Low, and let them do their thing. Awesome.

This batch (like the last one I posted) was made from a mix in a can, from Williams-Sonoma. This was an impulse purchase (of course) – it’s not necessary to buy a mix, as you still need to do the egg and milk portion of the prep. Mixing the dry ingredients is the easiest part (and not worth the $9.95 I paid for the can). Here’s a well-regarded recipe for aebleskiver from It should produce similar results (probably even better, because it calls for more butter, and buttermilk instead of regular milk (although, I wouldn’t use oil for the pan – use butter in the aebleskiver cups)).

Don’t fret over the flipping technique – you’ll get the hang of it in just a couple of tries. When the aebleskiver begin to cook and pull away from the sides of the cup, use one skewer (or large toothpick) to gently tilt the ‘skiver up. This drains a portion of the batter into the cup and creates a little bowl to hold the filling. Then spoon in a teaspoon of your filling of choice – don’t get all excited and use too much, or it will ooze out the sides and burn. Then, use two skewers to flip the whole thing over. As you can see from the picture below, I place the point of the right skewer at the top of the ‘skiver and the left at the bottom, and use the right skewer to gently pull the ‘skiver under while the left nudges it over from the top. (Click the photographs to get a larger view.)

I keep a separate skillet on warm to hold the finished ‘skivers while I make the remaining batches. Finally, plate them, dust them with confectioner’s sugar (if desired), and douse them with your favorite syrup. Or skip the syrup and eat them with your fingers, like mini muffins. But whatever you do, eat them fast, because they’ll disappear like … well, like hotcakes.

Frozen wild blueberries A little Grand Marnier
A mix makes things easy Mmmm melty butter
Egg whites makes the batter frothy Tilt those babies up
Spoon in the blueberries And flip 'em over
Ready to serve.
  1. tiffany permalink
    July 26, 2009 9:56 pm

    if I were to put chocolate in them would the chocolate spill when I start flipping them?

  2. soupaddict permalink
    July 27, 2009 6:43 pm

    There’s one extra step you can take to protect the filling: create the pockets by tilting, as shown above. Add your filling (but not too much). Then top the filling off with an extra dollop of batter. When you flip it, the filling should be mostly protected by that extra dollop.

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