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Not your mother’s Kroger

December 10, 2008

bday2_120908 My goodness, another birthday has just about come and gone. As a December baby, my family never made a big deal about my birthday (nor my several siblings who also have December birthdays), so, unlike my Fourth-of-July-born mother, where “party” is built right into the day no matter what, my own anniversary on this earth is a low-keyed event. Usually just something small with the sibs, and sometimes a few stray others. Barely an event. More like a thing. We had delicious Thai take-out from a restaurant I haven’t been to in ages (Lemon Grass – they have spring rolls to die for), and the cutest little cake, which came from, of all places, Kroger.

Usually, birthdays call for a cake from a bakery. Lately, though, Kroger has really stepped up their game. Frankly, I think this cake is better than – or at least on par with – the much more expensive cakes available at standalone bakeries. And how cute are those decorations? The pastry chef (my local Kroger employs real pastry chefs – Kroger has a relationship with the Midwest Culinary Institute, located here in Cincinnati, which is gaining a fine reputation as a quality culinary school) didn’t just pipe some me-too Wilton roses; she took some time with this cake.


All in all, a good foodie day.

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