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Just what the world needs.

September 5, 2008

When the call went out for everyone everywhere to get a blog, everyone showed up at the door, point-and-shoots in hand, squealing, “Gimme a blog! I need a blog! I don’t really have anything to say that will contribute to the good of humanity, but I’ve got 752 vacation and baby photos to share, and I’ve already saturated everyone I know with various overshares and out-of-focus panoramic shots, so, I need fresh eyes, I tell you, fresh eyes!”

Well, I didn’t answer the call. Not then. Flash forward a few years, when, while researching PHP blogging software at work, I had to create a WordPress account to investigate their features and ease of use. I didn’t do anything with it at that time, and the blog sat idle and abandoned for a few months. But the siren’s song is strong and persistent. Every once in a while, I would remember the account and think, “I should play around with that sometime.” Then, finally, sometime arrived, and I dipped a toe in….

I mean, I have just as much nothing1 to say as the next person, she says defensively, *and* the practiced ability to say it using many, many words, some of them misspelled, some of them sniglets, and a probably a few mondegreens to boot.

Even if no one ever visits this blog, it gives me a whole new realm in which to talk to myself, which I seem to do more and more since I passed 40. And now I can do so without disturbing the cat. (He’d be grateful if, you know, cats could be grateful.)

About me: my name is Karen. By day, I’m a web interface designer for a book and magazine publisher. The rest of the time, I’m pursuing any one of my passions: gardening, cooking, breadmaking, baking and … of course … soup (both the making and eating of). I feel very fortunate (having locked on to all of these passions only at mid-life) that they fit so well together, the love for one feeding (so to speak) the love for another. What I grow in the garden goes in my soups. Soup and bread go together like peas and carrots. And when was the last time you turned down a dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie? My favorite food group after vegetables (and I do adore the veggies) would be Mac and Cheese. Oh my, yes. All of these topics and more will occupy this blog.

(The photo in the header, btw, was taken by me, showing a ripening trestle of grape tomatoes from my 2007 crop. The full photo—one of my favorites—is below.)

1In mathematical and philosophical terms, “nothing” is something, just as 0 (zero) is as much a number as 1 or -4. “Empty” is the nothing you’re thinking of, and nobody said nuthin’ about being empty of thoughts, so, there. Permission to use a lot of words is mine.

Grape Tomatoes

Grape Tomatoes

  1. September 22, 2008 7:36 am

    Of course, a cook using ingredients from her own garden had better be using the occasional mondegreen . . .

  2. soupaddict permalink
    September 22, 2008 12:45 pm

    [Ba-da-bump] Oh, you would’ve gotten a kick out of this: In the first draft of the post, I didn’t use “mondegreen” but rather the other word — which I had never hear of before — that you had used in your post, because it sounded funner (you know, like William Safire). Only problem was, I remembered it as “egghorn.”

    I was going to note my gaff in the revised post but figured no one else would find it as funny as I did….

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