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A flour-coated Camelot.

September 5, 2008

Years ago, I was looking at flours at Kroger when I first noticed the brand King Arthur Flour. It was—and still is—more expensive than Gold Medal flours, but, it was the only brand on the shelf that day to offer an unbleached version. I took a chance. It was worth it.

So, life went on, and I used King Arthur Flour, and didn’t think much more about it. Until I came across a cookie recipe calling for espresso powder. After a failed, frustrating local brick-and-mortar search, I turned to Google, which lead me right to it [gotta love da Google], on a site called, funnily enough, Hm. My go-to flour company sells espresso powder? Weird.

I added the espresso powder to my cart, and started exploring. Holy cow. A dozen clicks later, I knew I had hit the motherlode. Such fascinating products! Fiori di Sicilia? Pre-packaged pizza dough flavor? Mellow Pastry Flour? Dough Improver? Over time, I’ve bought them all. My kitchen sometimes looks like a King Arthur store shelf.

The best thing about this site, though, is the Bakers’ Banter blog. This, my baking and breadmaking friends, is the blog that Martha and Rachael et al. wish they had thought of first. Hosted by PJ Hamel and her talented test kitchen staff, baking play-by-plays (complete with photos) hand-hold the reader through every recipe. My favorite so far? Garlic knots.

Simply brilliant.


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